Academic Research

Prof. (Dr.) Deepak Jain has been associated with different universities, research institutions, and academic organizations for facilitating them in improving their academic and research infrastructure by his immense research about market-demand, corporate expectations, and employment prospects of different academic programs and curricula.

Prof. Jain has a continuous connect with Employment leaders of the world and has been closely monitoring the trends and inclinations of employment in different sectors including Information Technology, Engineering, Management, Science, Commerce, and Arts. He has been the career guide for many successful entrepreneurs and senior employees of many leading organizations.

Prof. Jain offers this Academic & Research Consultancy Services in the following areas:

  • Academic Research/Consultancy for inclusion of new academic and research programs for students to equip them to become an answer to the impending demand of the market.
  • Academic Research/Consultancy for upgrading and toning up the curricula of academic and research programs to make the scholars stand ahead of others in the race of employability.
  • Academic Research/Consultancy for advancement of academic infrastructure to come up differently from others and become an example of quality education facilities.
  • Academic Research/Consultancy for toning up the existing academic and research infrastructure for optimal use and better return on investment.
  • Academic Research/Consultancy for International Collaborations with different Academic and Research Institutions, Non-Government Organizations, Accreditation Organizations, and Consortium.
  • Academic Research/Consultancy for International Recruitment of Guest Lecturers, Regional Representatives, Advisory and other Board Members, Liasoning Officers, and other internal staff members.
  • Academic Research/Consultancy for setting up international information and admission centers for academic and research programs
  • Academic Research/Consultancy for Advisory for Accreditation Processes for different international accreditation councils.
  • Academic Research/Consultancy for other services about defining, enhancing, improving, promoting, implementing, and maintaining academic and research programs of the institution.
Deepak Jain Academic Research Service