Intellectual Property Consultancy

Prof. (Dr.) Deepak Jain has and extensive experience about legally safeguarding intellectual properties and he maintains a group of experts of international who can hold your hands through your journey from innovation to a successful commercialization of your original innovations.Ā 

Prof. Jain can help you in writing your innovation in a commercially valuable manner. He would help you in writing most appropriate description of you original innovative ideas. You can take his advises for registration of your designs, registering trademarks, securing copyrights, cost effective solutions of patentĀ filing in different countries, and best commercialization of your innovative ideas by converting them to a commercially valuable entity.

Prof. Jain and his IP Consultancy team of experts ofĀ Intellectual Property services can help you for protection, enforcement, and commercialization of youĀ Intellectual Property. You can approach them for their valuable and worthy support in gaining IP Protection, customized filing and prosecution strategy planning, and effective solutioning to acquire new and advance technologies.

Prof. JainĀ and his IP Consultancy team of experts ofĀ Intellectual Property servicesĀ can help you in:

  • IP Consultancy for pre-filing activities like invention analysis, invention strategies, and documentations etc.
  • IP Consultancy Service for writing design documents, invention descriptions, and innovation values
  • IP Consultancy Service for patent illustration
  • IPĀ Consultancy ServiceĀ for filing patent in your country
  • IP Consultancy ServiceĀ for filing patent you foreign country
  • IP Consultancy ServiceĀ for developing a patent-worthy concept or product or design
  • IP Consultancy ServiceĀ for prosecuting your patent or IP applications
  • IP Consultancy ServiceĀ for filing copyright for your content
  • IP Consultancy ServiceĀ for filing trademarks registrations
  • IP Consultancy ServiceĀ for submission against objections on trademark registrations
  • IP Consultancy ServiceĀ for prosecution against objected patent applications
  • IP Consultancy ServiceĀ for prosecution against objected copyright applications
  • IP Consultancy ServiceĀ for filing cases against violation of Intellectual Property Rights
  • IP Consultancy Service for increasing commercial value of your intellectual property.
  • IP Consultancy Service for earning best profits out you your inventions and intellectual property.
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