SQAA Advisory & Consultancy

Prof. (Dr.) Deepak Jain has experience in School Quality Assessment & Accreditation (CBSE - SQAA) and he has been leading this service in association of Nirmal Integrated Consultancy (Team-NIC) along with other experts of this field. 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to assess schools through standardized instruments and process of internal (self-evaluation) and external assessment (peer review), which will encourage sustained qualitative enhancement. Prof. Jain has created its own framework in-line with SQAA framework in a simplified manner that helps schools to prepare themselves and skill-up their staff and students for the parameters of SQAA assessment and accreditation.

Prof. (Dr.) Deepak Jain should be contacted for SQAA Accreditation Consultancy; SQAA Assessment Preparation; SQAA Accreditation Planning; Understanding SQAA Requirements; Understanding SQAA Assessment Process; Describing 07 domains of SQAA Assessment; Understanding SQAA in simplified manner; Knowing about SQAA Domains, SQAA Subdomains and SQAA sub-sub-domains; Getting trained on SQAA Accreditation Framework; SQAA Pre-Visit Readiness; Preparing SQAA Application Documents; Filling School Quality Assessment & Accreditation Form (SQAA-Form); Training about SQAA Form; Advisory support for curriculum planning as per SQAA requirements; Consultancy support for managing teaching and learning process as per SQAA framework; Student Assessment and Performance as per SQAA requirements; Co-scholastic Process Ourcomes as per SQAA requirements; Infrastructure development and management support as per SQAA requirements; Human Resource Management as per SQAA assessment; Management and Administration support as per SQAA Assessment; Leadership Advisory for SQAA accreditation; Benificiary Satisfaction Analysis as per SQAA expectations; SQAA Workshops and hands-on feel about SQAA assessment; Going through SQAA Questionnaire and gromming skills for SQAA Assessment; and any advisory/consultancy about SQAA Assessment.

SQAA Service